Foxtail Millet(Korra/Korralu)


Foxtail Millet production is carried out in traditional methods to ensure no loss of original qualities. These millets are refined with extreme care to ensure no loss of natural qualities It keeps your heart healthy, smoothens the functioning of nervous system, strengthens muscles and bones. So, you are assured of 100% pure and healthy Foxtail Millet that is natural and luscious. Above all, affordable price with quality & trust. Don’t miss out this chance!

Brand Shathabdhi Organics
Weight 500gms 
Nutrition Facts
% Daily Value *
% Daily Value *
Protein (g) 12.3
Fiber(g) 8
Minerals(g) 3.3
Iron(mg) 2.8
Calcium(mg) 31

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Weight 0.5 kg
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