Kasu Laxmi

In the dynamic landscape of the Shathabdhi Group, Kasu Laxmi Garu shines as a visionary director, leading not only Shathabdhi Organics but also playing a pivotal role in other subsidiaries, including Shathabdhi Townships, Shathabdhi Homes, and Shathabdhi Movies. Her multifaceted leadership and commitment to excellence have contributed significantly to the success and reputation of the Shathabdhi Group across various industries.

As the director of Shathabdhi Organics, Kasu Laxmi Garu brings a wealth of expertise and a deep-rooted passion for sustainable and organic farming practices. Her leadership has been instrumental in shaping Shathabdhi Organics into a prominent player in the organic farming sector. Under her guidance, the company has upheld stringent quality standards and a commitment to purity, making it a trusted source for organic fertilizers, pesticides, and agricultural inputs.

Beyond her role in Shathabdhi Organics, Kasu Laxmi Garu’s influence extends to other subsidiaries within the Shathabdhi Group:



Kasu Laxmi Garu: A Visionary Director at the Helm of Shathabdhi Group


Shathabdhi Townships: Her role as a director in Shathabdhi Townships showcases her dynamic leadership in the real estate sector. Shathabdhi Townships is known for its commitment to providing quality housing solutions, and under her guidance, the company has thrived in the competitive real estate market.

Shathabdhi Homes: Her presence as a director in Shathabdhi Homes underscores her dedication to innovation and quality in the housing sector. Shathabdhi Homes has become synonymous with comfortable and sustainable living spaces, reflecting Kasu Laxmi Garu’s vision for excellence in every aspect of the real estate business.

Shathabdhi Movies: Her involvement with Shathabdhi Movies demonstrates her diverse interests and contributions to the entertainment industry. This subsidiary is a testament to her willingness to explore new horizons and diversify the Shathabdhi Group’s portfolio.


Kasu Laxmi Garu’s leadership is marked by her unwavering commitment to ethical practices, environmental responsibility, and community development. Her vision extends beyond profit margins; it encompasses a holistic approach to business that prioritizes sustainability and social impact. Her dedication to these principles has not only earned the respect of her colleagues and peers but has also contributed to the Shathabdhi Group’s reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking conglomerate.

In conclusion, Kasu Laxmi Garu, as a director of Shathabdhi Organics and other key subsidiaries within the Shathabdhi Group, exemplifies visionary leadership, commitment to excellence, and a broad spectrum of interests. Her contributions have significantly shaped the group’s success and its reputation for quality and sustainability in various industries, making her a vital and influential figure in the business world.


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